Travel the World on a Budget


Every once in a while, we get this strange urge to just get up, get out and travel the world. This wanderlust seems to be uncontrollable in some cases which drive us to go to places we’ve never been to before or we’ve always wanted to go to but never had the time or the money to go. With the costs of travel and accommodations along with the fees associated with going to another country, it’s quite difficult to travel around the world and live that dream. But you don’t have to worry about that much since there are ways that can help you save money while traveling. Here are some useful tips in which can help you save on cash and travel on a budget but still allowing you to enjoy the gift of travel to the fullest.

Book Travel Flights in Advance
One of the most common causes, why a lot of people spend a lot of cash on their travel expenses, is because of late booking of their flights. Naturally, booking a few weeks in advance will be a lot cheaper compared to booking a day before or on the day of the flight. Add to that if you’re planning to travel during the holidays or the peak season when there’s a lot of people going in and out of the country, expect that fees will be a lot more expensive if you’re late in booking your flight. That’s why you have to make your flight bookings earlier than usual so you won’t have to incur the additional fees that late booking entails.

Avoid Traveling in Peak Seasons
Another problem that arises which contributes to the expenses in your travel is traveling during the peak seasons. With a load of people traveling during the holidays like December or even the summer season, you should expect that travel expenses, tickets and incurring fees will be a lot more expensive than when you’re traveling during the low seasons. But if you can’t help but travel during these times, make sure you book your flights in advance and arrange your accommodations to ensure that you’ll be saving a lot of cash.

Stop-Over Flights
If you’re not in any hurry, choose flights that make a stop-over before heading out to the next destination. In exchange for the travel time, this will allow you to save money in the process. Indirect routes are usually less expensive and add to the adventurous experience if you can take your time in traveling.

Manage Your Baggage
Excess baggage is essentially charged a fee. That’s the reason why if you want to save the expenses associated with baggage fees, you should learn how to manage your belongings. Travel light by bringing along only your essentials. Learn what to bring and what not to bring by packing what you need during your travels. You can also cut down the excess baggage by wearing some of the clothes that you pack as baggage. For example, instead of just packing along your favorite jacket, you can wear it and take it with you without any incurring expenses. You save money and you get additional space for other things to put in your baggage.

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Book Accommodations Ahead of Time
Just like booking your flights ahead of time, booking your reservations in advance of where you’re going to be staying can save you a lot of money. For example, you can make calls or even emails to hotels or any place that you plan on staying on your travels and reserving your room. This ensures that you have an available place to stay once you arrive at the country and you also cut down the additional expenses with all the people flocking the hotels, especially during the holiday seasons.

Consider Homes, not Hotels
If you have any relatives or friends in the country where you’re planning on going to, you can ask for their help in giving you a place where you can stay. Staying with a family member, a relative or a friend’s place can take away all the expenses that you have to spend on in booking hotels or apartments. This is especially true when you’re not planning on staying longer since hotels charge more expensive most often during the peak seasons where there are a lot of tourists reserving hotel rooms or apartments.

Have a Local Taste
Instead of splurging your cash on the fine dining that your destination country has to offer, save up and spend on the local delicacies and taste the country just like that of a local. Spend only what you can and don’t overspend. You can still eat the most delicious food while on a budget if you’re open to eating in public restaurants and buying from the local food stands. You save money and get a taste of the most scrumptious treats that a country has to offer.

Smart Banking
One problem that most travelers have is that they incur additional fees during their withdrawal in the country they’re in. This is because the bank that they withdrew from might not be directly affiliated with the bank that they have in their home country. This is also why you need to be smart in handling your money. As each withdrawal would charge an extra fee, you should withdraw a large amount of money so that you’ll be paying it once instead of withdrawing multiple times and allowing the extra banking fee to pile up.

Study Exchange Rates
Knowing the exchange rates is also a very important factor in traveling. For example, traveling to the United Kingdom may be more expensive than traveling to Japan because of the exchange rates. This gives you an idea on what to spend on and how much money you should include in your budget. This can also be your deciding factor of where you should go since you’ll be getting more out of your money in countries with better exchange rates, thus allowing you to spend on the things you want and increasing your enjoyment while you travel to that particular country.

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