Best Sofa Bed for Everyday Use


A sofa bed can be a stalwart for people living in small apartments without a guest room; those who cannot afford to furnish an extra room or when the children’s friends come for a sleepover. A sofa bed can function as a couch or fold out as a bed. They come in sophisticated, modern designs lately and is not a piece of furniture that you want to hide anymore. They are manufactured of different materials like wood, metal, foam, polyester, and linen.

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When deciding on the best sofa bed for everyday use, there are a few things to consider. If it is pulled out as a bed, will there be enough space left in the room to move around? Also, how often will it be used? This determines the quality of the piece you will buy. And will it be comfortable enough to use as a sofa every day?

Sofa beds usually come in three types; the loveseat, sofa, and sectional.

The Loveseat has two seats to sit on. This design is popular, easy to use and small enough to fit in most spaces. Because it is small, it can be stored away. The cushions you sit on will be the ones that you sleep on. One adult will be able to sleep on it, or two smaller children.

The Sofa is larger. It has three seats and looks like an ordinary couch but folds out like a bed. Most are a bit smaller than a queen-sized bed, but two adults can sleep on it.

The Sectional is the largest and typically L- or U-shaped. As a sofa, this unit provides seating for four to seven people and is suited for larger rooms. Not all of them have a sofa bed. Those who have, are the most comfortable of all types of sofa beds, as the mattresses are usually queen size.

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